Working together with other organizations

Raising Awareness

Informing the pubic


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Save Lake St. Clair is a certified 501 (c) Non Profit Organization.  We work with and highlight other organizations and efforts wanting to clean our lake   Save Lake St. Clair is also creating awareness by creating our own videos and show what is happening to our fresh water supply.  Please check them out on our Facebook page or youtube channel.  Save Lake St. Clair is also a news source in information to the public alerting the public of sewage overflows and other chemical spills that occur in our lake.

We need your help

If you know of any information that would be important to share please reach out to us through our e-mail or Facebook page.  Please also share our stories in hopes to continue to bring more people to our page.  As our motto goes "together we are stronger than the each of us"


Next Steps...

We are working towards cleaning and removing the muck confirmed with human waste.  We are also working on trying to raise awareness with our government that we must work towards upgrading our infrastructure.  We must work towards continuing to separate sewage from storm water.